PERIOD    4 days sprint - July 2017

TEAM       T.Herbreteau, T.Lalanne, A.Dehillerin

SKILLS     UX design, AR, Animation

We chose to create Spectrun to improve the running experience. Nowadays, it is really difficult for runners to find motivation when it is time to practice. Thanks to Augmented Reality, we think we could enhance the way they train.

For the ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, we worked on this project during 4 days. From 3D modeling to motion design, we tried to express our vision of the future of running.



This year, we decided to participate to the ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. I already had the idea of the project, in fact it was my first year's project but I wanted to refine it with my friends. So for this contest, we worked on this project during 4 days.



Because we had to hurry, we directly started to brainstorm on keywords such as running combined to Augmented Reality. What kind of features we wanted to add to our product? What could be the future of running? What is most important for runners?

How could we improve the running experience thanks to Augmented Reality?



Day 1 - We started with a brainstorming and an ideation session to define the main ideas of our concept.
Day 2 - We designed the interfaces with PSD and AI.
Day 3 - We filmed the concept with a GOPRO HERO5 and a NIKON D7100.
Day 4 - All of this assets helped us to build a video with motion design.




In our opinion, it was important to see beyond the current interfaces (smartphone, tablet, computer…). That is why we chose to have a prospective vision. We think that glasses with the Augmented Reality technology are the perfect way to impact running.
Our concept's goal is to help runners to go beyond their limits by running against their own ghost, their friends or famous runners. It could definitely make running more fun and entertaining.


A. Dehillerin, the industrial designer of the team, worked on the 3D modeling of the glasses with Cinema 4D. The design needed to be as simple as possible. The most important thing of the project must stay the concept.
T. Lalanne, T. Herbreteau and I worked on the interfaces, the video and the animation using PSD, AI and AE.






We worked on 3 main screens, the menu, the running mode and the statistics screen. We began with quick and dirty wireframes of 5 minutes alone and then we discussed about it together, and again 5 minutes alone etc… until we found the best result as possible.

The only constraint we had was to work on a tablet size. Otherwise we had "carte blanche". Our several meetings allowed us to iterate a lot. We refined our solution 3 times until the end of the project.



The runner needs to choose the ghost he wants to challenge. It can be a friend, someone around him or even a famous athlete he would like to beat in his dreams.



The interface needed to be as simple as possible and we knew the main goal was to overtake the ghost. So everything that appears on the screen is related to it.



How to improve your performance if you can’t have a feedback about your last races ?



Once we filmed the video, we had to animate the ghost and all the interfaces. We used a green room and the particular plugin on AE.


Final video

This project ends with a video. It was the best way to explain our concept for the contest. We tried to create a teaser for a prospective product.


Even if we finished semi-finalist, we are proud to see that we can produce this kind of work in 4 days. It helps us to understand how fast and efficiently we can work in this amount of time.
Sharing my idea and improving it with my friends was rewarding, it shows me that a project will often be more successful with a team than by your own.

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