Continental foods

PERIOD    1 month - February/April 2017

TEAM       Freelance

SKILLS     UX, UI, Client

CLIENT    Continental foods

After my internship, Continental Foods asked me to redesign Devos&Lemmens Fr ( and Imperial Desserts Fr.
For each project, I worked very closely with the marketing team of Continental during one week. 
This project allowed me to improve my design skills. It learned me to deal with clients, engineers and work with tight deadlines.


About Continental

Continental Foods is one of Europe’s leading food companies. Their top brands in Europe are household names, such as Devos&Lemmens, Liebig, Erasco or Bla Band.


Devos&Lemmens Fr and Imperial dessert websites were outdated. The communication on the internet was insufficient and sales were dropping. Continental Foods (CF) was looking for a fresh look for their website and a fresh start to attract clients. Because the 2 projects are almost the same (methodology, delivery), I will focus on Devos&Lemmens.

How could Devos&Lemmens attract new clients while increasing his web visibility?


I was in charge of the design for Devos&Lemmens, talking everyday with a CF member about my work, here is an overview of my methodology:
- Research of competitors.
- Review of the current website and define action levers.
- Wireframes of the full website, meeting with the client.
- Final interfaces with feedbacks.
- Package delivery and I guided the engineer through his work.



It was important to find the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. This way I was sure to understand the meaning of the project.




Then, I started to look for Devos&Lemmens history and reviewed all the website, from the architecture to all the content:
- Too many level of navigation and duplicated content; simplified and new site map. 
- Too much useless content or not visited by the user.
- Visual design outdated and not related to the identity of D&L.


Screen design


I worked on the screen design during 5 days, for desktop, tablet and smartphone size.


3 - "Final" interface 


3 - "Final" interface 


4 - Details and interactions 


Continental Foods was my first "big client" as freelance. It helps me to improve my design skills but also to learn how to communicate with clients.

Client's opinion

I had the opportunity to work with Gaël on 2 successful projects. His professionalism and skills allowed him to meet our expectations by giving us great advices and proposals. Efficient and creative, his answer has fully satisfied our team and we can only recommend him for your future challenges.
– Y. Remaud for Continental Foods.

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